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Admitting to yourself and others that you are addicted to drugs or alcohol is a big step towards getting the help and treatment that you need. The next step is entering an inpatient rehabilitation facility that has on-site medical detox. Medical detox allows addicts to gradually remove the illicit substances in their bodies to begin learning how to live a sober lifestyle. This process is followed by weeks of therapy and recovery aftercare.

Finding a facility that offers safe, professional medical detox is important. Start your journey towards sobriety or help a loved one by calling Drug Treatment Centers Lakeland at (863) 248-8588.

Why You Shouldn’t Detox at Home

There is a myth that it is possible to “white-knuckle” through an addiction by secluding oneself at home with no drugs or alcohol. The problem with this DIY approach is that it doesn’t account for the possible side effects and withdrawal symptoms that many drug and alcohol addicts experience.

There is no way to tell if an addict will experience minor withdrawal symptoms alone or if they will experience some of the major and potentially dangerous symptoms. Symptoms can range from minor discomfort from sweating or sleeplessness, to more serious complications like heart arrhythmia or seizures. Being alone at home without the necessary monitoring equipment, medication, or medical staff can leave addicts susceptible to injury or even death.

Even if an addict is able to make it through the initial withdrawal stages without any serious complications, there is an additional problem. Being outside of a residential treatment center can leave addicts with full access to the drugs or alcohol they are trying to abstain from. Stress and pain from withdrawal can leave addicts desperate to use again to find relief.

The most effective and safe way to detox is in a professional facility. Home remedies should be avoided to prevent relapse or personal injury.

The Medical Detox Process

The alternative to home detox is medical detoxification. The idea behind this treatment method is to create an empathetic and safe environment in which a person can go through the difficult process of detox and withdrawals. Highly-trained staff will be available at all times to monitor the recovering addict’s condition and to provide necessary and/or comfort-providing medical treatments as needed.

When a person chooses medical detoxification, they choose to remove themselves from the opportunity to relapse in the midst of the detox process. Staff will ensure that the patient has no access to the drug they are addicted to and as such will prevent them from using again while still getting sober.

Additionally, prescription medication can be used to reduce the pain, insomnia, nausea, cravings, and anxiety experienced while going through detox. Should any medical emergencies emerge, medical staff will be on site to provide needed treatments and care.

Finding a reputable treatment center is vital to an addict’s first steps into sobriety. The ideal setting involves medical and psychological staff that work together in sync to provide the best individualized care to each patient. Learn more about finding the right program for you or a loved one by calling Drug Treatment Centers Lakeland at (863) 248-8588.

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