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Drug addiction is a problem that has grown to epidemic proportions in the United States. Many people have a hard time admitting they have a problem and would benefit from drug rehab: They may claim they could stop the drug whenever they want. However, addiction is a disease, and drug rehab is necessary to conquer the chemical and psychological dependency that exists with addiction.

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Drug Abuse Facts

Addiction isn’t caused by a lack of self-control: It’s a chronic, relapsing condition that has physical and psychological aspects. A drug rehab treatment program can help heal a patient’s body and mind. Detoxification can help overcome the chemical dependency on a substance, but recovery isn’t possible with detox alone. Cravings for a drug occur long after the physical dependency has been broken, so psychotherapy and behavior modification are key elements of rehab.

Many people assume that drug addiction is limited to illegal street drugs like cocaine and crystal meth, but prescription drug abuse has become one of the most serious drug problems in the country. In fact, a study by the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence suggests that up to 20 percent of adults in the United States have abused a prescription drug at some point.

Research has confirmed the rapid growth of drug abuse in this country. Data from the National Institute on Drug Abuse reveals that up to 23 million American adults have a substance abuse problem. These individuals could benefit from drug treatment, but only about 10 percent of them will receive the rehab they need.

Drug rehab treatment centers offer a comprehensive approach to addiction and cater to a wide variety of drug addictions.

Behavioral Addictions

It’s common for people with a drug or alcohol addiction to develop a secondary addiction to an activity or behavior. Many addicted individuals end up struggling with eating disorders or compulsive gambling. Even though a substance may not be involved in these secondary addictions, the same feelings of shame and damaging personal consequences may occur. An addiction treatment program that includes cognitive-behavioral therapy can help patients overcome their behavioral addictions.

Treatment Strategies

Treatment programs for drug addiction can take place on an inpatient or outpatient basis. The choice of setting will depend on several factors, including the specific drug of addiction and the severity of the dependence. The flexibility of an outpatient setting makes it the right choice for some patients, but it’s common to select an inpatient program for drug rehab.

The withdrawal from many drugs is marked by debilitating symptoms. The constant care and supervision of a residential facility is needed to keep patients safe and comfortable during the process. An inpatient rehab setting is a drug-free environment, and allows patients to avoid the triggers and stresses that may hinder their progress during the early weeks of recovery. Inpatient rehab is also the preferred choice for patients who have a history of depression or suicidal tendencies.

Both inpatient and outpatient drug rehab programs include psychotherapy and behavior modification therapy. In addition to these therapies, many patients benefit from the use of treatment medications to manage the symptoms of withdrawal and curb cravings for a drug.

Rehab gives patients the opportunity to learn coping techniques that will help them avoid a relapse after they leave the treatment center. Learn how to find and enter the perfect rehab treatment program when you call Drug Treatment Centers Lakeland at (863) 248-8588.

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