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Following the physical detoxification process at a rehabilitation treatment center, the true work toward recovery can begin. As a means to help that recovery last a lifetime, drug treatment centers offer recovery programs. Rehab recovery programs and therapy are time-tested and researched endeavors that provide a person with a structured method to achieve sobriety.

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Different Models of Addiction Treatment Therapy

Rehab recovery treatment therapy programs can use all of a portion of three different models associated with rehabilitation treatments. These include cognitive/behavioral approaches, motivational interviewing and motivational incentives.

Cognitive/behavioral approaches have an initial component where a person learns to recognize dangerous behaviors and the harm in past patterns or drug use. The person then learns to focus on behaviors that are more positive and contribute to sobriety instead of working against it.

Motivational interviewing is a therapeutic practice where a therapist asks questions as a means to encourage a person to find his or her own motivations for quitting drug or alcohol abuse. By having a person come to his or her realizations, the person is more likely to be invested in recovery.

Motivational incentives are often used in a rehabilitation setting to provide positive feedback and encouragement for those who are working toward sobriety. Examples may include rewards for a week’s sobriety, speaking up in a meeting or attending a meeting.

Types of Rehab Recovery Treatment Therapy

The models of substance abuse treatment are incorporated in many therapeutic approaches. For example, cognitive/behavioral models are used in therapies to encourage a person to stay well through meditation and physical activity. Examples include art, equine or music therapy as well as restorative yoga. These practices give a person a healthy way of using his or her body instead of previously unhealthy practices, such as drug or alcohol abuse.

Moral reconation therapy (MRT) is another treatment therapy that uses motivational interviewing techniques. The therapy last three to six months and is designed to enhance a person’s decision-making with respects to morality. Because a person suffering from drug abuse may not see the potential harm in the abuse, MRT is a practice that aims to help a person recognize the dangers to his or her body through substance abuse.

An example of an alternative to a 12-step program is the SMART recovery program, which stands for Self-Management and Recovery Training.

The program is based around four principles:

  1. Building motivation
  2. Coping with urges
  3. Problem-solving
  4. Lifestyle balance.

Principles of Effective Rehab Treatment

Effective rehab treatments for those abusing substances must be individualized to the particular person and the substance he or she abuses. A cookie-cutter approach is rarely effective in helping a person struggling with addiction.

Principles of effective rehab recovery treatment include creating an individualized plan as well as re-assessing the plan and updating it frequently. Offering a variety of treatments, including medication management for withdrawal symptoms can help a person succeed where he or she may have failed before.

For more information about rehab recovery programs and therapy, please call Drug Treatment Centers Lakeland at (863) 248-8588.

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